Vacheron Constantin Overseas on Famous Wrists

by Andy Jones on Dec 19, 2023

Vacheron Constantin Overseas on Famous Wrists

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas has emerged as a strong contender alongside the Patek Philippe Nautilus and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. With its perfect blend of sophistication and cool appeal, this luxury sports watch is highly sought after by collectors. Discover the allure of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas, one of today's most coveted timepieces.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Self-Winding Ref. # 4500V/110A-B483

It's no surprise that Vacheron Constantin watches adorn the wrists of stylish athletes and celebrities. Looking to own a Vacheron Constantin timepiece? Get inspired by these men who truly appreciate their VC Overseas watches. Discover the elegance and prestige of Vacheron Constantin today.

Steph Curry wearing Vacheron Constantin Overseas 5500V

Steph Curry, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors, showcased his impeccable watch collection after leading his team to a triumphant victory in the NBA Finals. From the iconic Rolex Day-Date to stylish ceramic Panerais, Curry's taste in watches is truly exceptional. Explore the stunning timepieces favored by this basketball superstar.

Steph Curry was seen as the host of the prestigious 2022 ESPY Awards in July, showcasing the stylish Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph (ref. 5500V). The preferred version of Steph comes with eye-catching silvered counters, hands, and markers that beautifully stand out against the jet-black dial. Discover more about this elegant timepiece and Steph's remarkable hosting skills at the ESPY Awards.

The Overseas Chronograph is an exceptional timepiece, designed for jet-setters like Steph. With a remarkable depth rating of 150 meters and a reliable automatic movement that offers a generous 52-hour power reserve, this watch is both capable and reliable. Check out the video from ESPN on Twitter to see it in action!

Tom Cruise wearing Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar

Tom Cruise was seen wearing the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. This watch is incredibly versatile and offers exceptional functionality. Discover more about this remarkable timepiece and its features here.

Introducing Tom's Choice Model, a sleek timepiece with a thickness of just 8.1 mm. This exquisite watch is the perfect accessory for a tuxedo, featuring a stunning white gold finish and a captivating Maltese cross bezel. The vibrant sunburst blue dial adds a touch of liveliness, while the moonphase indicator at 6 o'clock brings a unique flair to the timeless design. Powered by a perpetual-calendar movement, this watch guarantees accuracy for the next 78 years. Explore stunning photos of this masterpiece from Vacheron Constantin and GQ on Instagram. Discover the epitome of style and craftsmanship in one elegant timepiece.


Miles Teller wearing Vacheron Constantin Overseas Self-Winding 4500V

Miles Teller, known for his role as Bradley Bradshaw in the blockbuster hit Top Gun, is also a proud wearer of the Overseas watch. The Overseas Self-Winding, with its unique curves, stands out as one of the most remarkable steel sports watches available. Experience timeless style and exceptional craftsmanship with the Overseas collection.

The timepiece features a stylish steel and black colorway that effortlessly complements any outfit. Its hexagonal bezel discreetly showcases the iconic Maltese cross logo of the brand. With a convenient clasp and a system of three interchangeable straps - steel, leather, and rubber - this watch can be customized to match the owner's personal style. Video from The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on YouTube Discover this versatile timepiece that combines fashion and functionality seamlessly.

Alexander Skarsgard wearing Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic Blue Dial

Alexander Skarsgard, known for his roles in "Tarzan" and "Big Little Lies," showcases the Overseas Self-Winding timepiece with a stunning blue sunburst dial. Discover the watch worn by this talented actor and elevate your style with this exquisite timepiece.

The steel watch features the automatic Caliber 5100, equipped with a 22K gold oscillating weight and a frequency rating of 28,800 vibrations per hour. With Super-LumiNova coated hour markers and hands, this timepiece offers exceptional visibility in low light conditions. Discover more about this watch from Vacheron Constantin on Twitter.

The Weeknd wearing Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic Rose Gold 4500V

The Weeknd, the renowned hitmaker, has also developed an affinity for the Overseas timepiece, specifically the captivating azure blue sunburst dial. He expresses a preference for the 18k rose gold edition, which adds an extra touch of elegance. Discover more about The Weeknd's choice and explore the stunning features of the Overseas collection.

The Overseas timepiece offers a stunning visual impact with its 41mm-wide pink-gold case. It features a convenient quick-change strap mechanism, allowing wearers to switch between alligator leather, rubber, and metal bracelet options. With a slim profile of just 11mm and a sapphire display caseback, this watch combines elegance and functionality. Choose the Overseas for a versatile and stylish accessory that will make a statement.

Michael B. Jordan wearing Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222

For the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in October 2022, Michael showcased the Historiques 222. This up-and-coming grail watch is a re-issue of the iconic 1970s original that served as inspiration for the Overseas timepiece. Experience the allure of this vintage-inspired watch at the highly anticipated event. Don't miss out!

The Historiques 222, introduced in 2022, is renowned for its distinct tonneau-shaped case, grooved bezel, and the iconic Maltese cross logo subtly embedded at 5 o'clock. With its yellow gold finish, this timepiece perfectly complements Michael's vibrant yellow suit, while the integrated link bracelet enhances its sporty yet elegant design. Check out this stunning photo of the Historiques 222 by Tasha Reiko Brown on Instagram. Experience timeless style and exceptional craftsmanship with this remarkable watch.

If you want the iconic look of a Watch combined with the power and accuracy of modern technology, consider a newer model that retains the vintage aesthetic on the outside while boasting improved mechanics on the inside. If you're interested in a Vacheron Constantin timepiece, explore the diverse range of models available at TB Jewelers. Find your perfect blend of style and performance today!