Unveiling the World of Diamond Cuts

by Andy Jones on Sep 21, 2023

A variety of meticulously crafted diamond cuts.

Explore the Beauty and Brilliance of Different Diamond Shapes

Your Trusted Guide to Diamond Cuts - Time Boutique Jewelers

If you're on the quest for the perfect diamond, you're about to embark on a journey of elegance and brilliance. While your local jeweler can guide you through the technicalities of diamond quality, one aspect of diamond buying is purely aesthetic and deeply personal: the diamond's shape, or as it's often referred to, the "cut." Diamonds come in an array of shapes, each with its unique allure. Let's delve into the mesmerizing world of diamond cuts and discover what suits your style best.

Deciphering the Essence of Diamond "Cut"

Before we dive into the diverse diamond shapes, let's demystify the term "cut." In the world of gemstones, "cut" serves a dual purpose.

1.Technical Grading: Within the gemological realm, "cut" is one of the essential "4 Cs" used to evaluate diamond quality. It assesses how precisely or imperfectly a diamond was physically cut, impacting its brilliance, sparkle, and fire—the qualities that make diamonds enchanting. Cut grades range from Poor to Excellent, with Excellent being the pinnacle.

2. Aesthetic Description: Jewelers and designers also use "cut" to describe the shape of a diamond. When browsing jewelry catalogs, you'll encounter terms like "oval cut" or "emerald cut," which refer to the gemstone's shape. In this context, "shape" and "cut" are interchangeable.

Exploring the Spectrum of Diamond Cuts

Now that we've clarified the essence of "cut," let's embark on a visual journey through the captivating world of diamond shapes.

1. Round Radiant Cut

The Sparkling Star: If you seek the ultimate sparkle, the round radiant cut is your answer. With 58 facets that reflect ambient light, it outshines all other diamond cuts. This timeless classic accounts for over two-thirds of diamond sales, making it a crowd favorite.

2. Princess Cut

The Perfect Square: Princess cut diamonds are essentially square-shaped radiant diamonds with pointed edges. They deliver a dazzling display of sparkle, retaining the conical pavilion that enhances brilliance.

3. Emerald Cut

Elegance in Rectangles: Rectangular emerald-cut diamonds boast stepped facets that create captivating, stepped edges. The larger surface area of emerald-cut diamonds gives the illusion of a higher carat weight.

4. Oval Cut

Subtle Elegance: Oval-cut diamonds, similar to emerald cuts, appear larger than their carat weight suggests. They offer approximately 10% more surface area than round diamonds, exuding understated charm.

5. Radiant Cut

A Sparkling Rectangle: Radiant cut diamonds, resembling rectangular emeralds, feature facets cut like round diamonds. This results in exceptional sparkle, making radiant cuts a splendid choice.

6. Asscher Cut

Timeless Glamour: Asscher-cut diamonds, square emerald cuts with beveled corners, exude classic charm. Popularized in the 1920s, they evoke a sense of timeless elegance.

7. Marquise Cut

Historical Resurgence: Marquise-cut diamonds, with two pointed ends, have regained popularity. Their unique shape, also known as "navette-cut," adds a touch of historical allure.

8. Pear Cut

Unique Beauty: Pear-shaped diamonds, though less common, shine brightly in engagement rings. Their distinctive shape is complemented by smaller diamonds or as a standalone centerpiece.

9. Cushion Cut

Vintage Elegance: Cushion-cut diamonds, resembling puffy sofa pillows, appeal to vintage jewelry enthusiasts. Choose an H color cushion cut for the best results due to their color-holding tendencies.

10. Heart Cut

Romantic Symbol: The heart cut, the most romantic of fancy shape diamonds, embodies love and charm. Symmetry is paramount in this unique shape.

11. Trillion or Trilliant Cut

Triangular Brilliance: Trillion-cut diamonds, also known as Trilliant-cut, offer a triangular shape with a flat top. They make excellent side stones and have recently gained popularity as standalone cuts.

12. Old Mine Cut

A Glimpse into History: Old mine-cut diamonds, featuring 58 facets cut by hand, offer a square-ish shape with rounded edges. A throwback to the Victorian era, they appeal to history enthusiasts.

Protecting Your Precious Diamond

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