If you want to sell jewelry, come visit TB Jewelers in Miami, FL.

We buy jewelry in-person, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction. Don't worry if you're not local to our store, just reach out to your nearest jeweler for assistance.

Should I sell my jewelry?

Consider selling your pre-owned jewelry at significantly lower prices compared to new jewelry. Explore the option of selling your jewelry if:

  • You don’t like the style
  • It’s associated with unpleasant memories
  • You prefer to have the money

Looking for an alternative? Consider resetting your diamonds and gemstones into stunning new jewelry! Enjoy a 30% bonus for the metal value to help offset the cost of your new piece. Upgrade your style and save with our exclusive offer.

 Valuable insights into successful jewelry selling from TB Jewelers in Miami, offering practical tips and expert advice for sellers in the market.
In-depth jewelry selling tips curated by TB Jewelers in Miami, providing sellers with essential strategies and insights for maximizing sales.

Sell to private party

Friends and Family

Spread the word to your friends and family for a chance to connect with someone! It's the optimal way to achieve the highest price. If you need assistance determining a fair price, consider scheduling a consultation at TB Jewelers, located in Miami, FL.

Sell Online Yourself

You can increase the visibility of your jewelry by listing it on popular platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay. Additionally, don't forget to promote your listings on social media. The best part is, the costs associated with these platforms are minimal or even non-existent. While selling to a jeweler may fetch a similar amount, popular pieces might even bring in a higher price. Explore these avenues to maximize your jewelry sales!

To ensure your safety, we advise arranging meetings at conveniently located indoor public venues. This not only provides security but also enhances your overall experience.

Consign to Local Jeweler

The style of jewelry plays a crucial role in determining its selling price and the speed at which it sells. Consignment is often the preferred method under the following circumstances:

  • When it comes to jewelry styles, you'll find a wide range on either end of the spectrum. From recently purchased pieces to stunning antiques, particularly those from the 1920s and earlier.
  • The jewelry possesses significant value, making it a valuable asset.
  • The jewelry is in excellent or like-new condition.
  • No immediate payment required. Pay at your convenience.

Select a reputable and thriving jeweler to avoid lengthy delays or potential failure in selling your jewelry. Opt for a busy and successful jeweler to ensure a smoother selling process and maximize your chances of success.

For more information about consignment policies, reach out to individual jewelers and inquire. Explore varying policies to find the best fit for your needs.

Proven strategies and advice for selling jewelry from TB Jewelers in Miami, offering valuable insights for sellers in the industry.
Collection of insightful jewelry selling tips by TB Jewelers in Miami, empowering sellers with effective techniques and advice.

Consign to Online Reseller

When it comes to selling your jewelry, online consignment options can be just as lucrative as selling to a jeweler. However, it's important to note that immediate payment is not guaranteed. After deducting the company's commission, you may find that you only receive the value of the metal, diamonds, and gems. That being said, there are instances where you may receive a higher amount, particularly if the piece is a current style and in new condition.

Before sending your jewelry to TB Jewelers, we highly recommend researching their contracts, fees, and reading reviews. It's crucial to make an informed decision for a smooth and satisfactory experience.

Sell to jeweler, pawn, or gold store

Get instant payment easily, usually comparable to an online reseller. Simplify your payment process and receive immediate funds.

In most cases, you will receive the value of the metal and stones, often with a little extra. Small stones that are scratched may have minimal value.

Compilation of top-notch jewelry selling tips by TB Jewelers in Miami, equipping sellers with essential knowledge and effective selling techniques.
Comprehensive guide on selling jewelry by TB Jewelers in Miami, featuring practical tips and expert advice for successful sales and transactions.

Jewelry Store

For the best jewelry selection, choose pieces with diamonds or gemstones. When looking for large diamonds or gemstones, consider visiting a reputable jeweler that specializes in custom design, such as TB Jewelers.

Custom jewelers frequently invest more in acquiring stones for their future creations. On the other hand, some jewelers opt to sell your stones in the wholesale market, resulting in a reduced return for you. Find out how custom jewelers prioritize quality and value when sourcing stones for their unique designs. Increase your returns by choosing the right jeweler for your precious stones.

Pawn Shop

When it comes to pawning and selling items, pawn shops are typically more suitable for pawning rather than selling. However, there is a small exception to this rule. If you happen to possess a well-worn ring in an older style, there is a chance that a pawn shop might be willing to sell it, even in its worn condition. Nonetheless, it's important to note that even in such cases, the offer from a pawn shop is usually not much higher than what a jeweler would offer.

We Buy Gold

If you have well-maintained jewelry with diamonds or gemstones, avoid going to a We Buy Gold establishment! Many of these businesses only buy the gold and remove the valuable stones. Instead, visit a reputable jeweler that specializes in similar jewelry styles. Ensure your jewelry is in good hands and get the best value for your precious items.

Valuable jewelry selling advice from TB Jewelers in Miami, comprising expert tips and strategies for a successful selling experience.
Expert guidance on jewelry selling shared by TB Jewelers in Miami, comprising effective tips and practical advice for successful transactions.

What jewelry sells for more?

When it comes to jewelry, many pieces that are sold often exhibit signs of wear or follow outdated styles. These items are typically sold based on their intrinsic value, which includes the metal, diamonds, and gemstones they contain. Eventually, they are disassembled for further use or repurposing. Explore our collection of unique and timeless jewelry pieces, crafted to perfection with high-quality materials.

If your jewelry is in excellent condition and falls into the category of current styles or antiques, you have the potential to fetch a higher value. Premiums are often offered for prestigious brands like Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, or Cartier.

A vintage ring in excellent condition like this will command a higher price in the market. Explore our collection of exquisite vintage-style rings today!

What stones sell for more?


Round diamonds are highly sought after and considered valuable, making them a popular choice. Ovals and cushions also hold significant appeal. However, marquise and princess cuts may yield lower prices.

Selling high-quality, large, round natural diamonds privately is generally easier compared to most other types of jewelry.

Lab-grown diamonds: limited resale value or potential? Unveiling the truth behind lab diamonds and their market worth.


Gemstones commonly experience wear and tear, resulting in chips and scratches. Unfortunately, these imperfections can significantly lower the selling price, often surpassing the gem's value itself due to the cost of recutting.

  • Highest value: Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and alexandrites.
  • Medium value: Tanzanites, opals, aquamarine, and tourmaline

Many other gemstones hold little to no value in comparison.

Compilation of top-notch jewelry selling tips by TB Jewelers in Miami, equipping sellers with essential knowledge and effective selling techniques.
Compilation of expert jewelry selling tips from TB Jewelers in Miami, offering valuable insights and strategies for successful sales.

Sell to TB Jewelers

TB Jewelers buys:

  • Diamonds and Gemstones
  • Gold, Platinum and Sterling silver
  • Gold watches, Coins
  • Silver tea sets and Silverware

TB Jewelers specializes in buying jewelry through in-person transactions. If you are not located in Miami, FL, we recommend visiting your nearest local jeweler for assistance.

Appraisals and Gemologists

TB Jewelers offers verbal consultations, which gives you information on your jewelry.

Our Certified Gemologists provide written appraisals for valuable pieces, ensuring accuracy and reliability. These appraisals are particularly beneficial when selling high-value items. Trust our experts for comprehensive evaluations and peace of mind.

If you're not in the vicinity of our Miami, FL store, search for an American Gem Society or GIA gemologist near you. Find certified gemologists for expert guidance and service.

The highest level of certification achievable is the Certified Gemologist Appraiser. This prestigious title signifies expertise in the field of gemology and appraisal.